Hanging drinker

Capacity: 10 lit
Tray diameter: 340mm
Height: 380mm
Weight: 750gr
Package weight: 4,5 kg
Package dimensions: 340mm x 800mm

Name Code
Hanging drinker   art: 2221
DELIVERY: 6 pieces in box

Drinker  Ø 250

Capacity: 5 lit
Tray diameter: 255mm
Height: 270mm
Weight: 310gr
Package weight: 3,1 kg
Package dimensions: 255mm x 760mm

Name Code
Drinker  Ø 250          art: 2222       
DELIVERY: 10 pieces in box

Drinker Ø 200

Capacity: 4 lit
Tray diameter: 235mm
Height: 230mm
Weight: 270gr
Package weight: 2,7kg
Package dimensions: 235mm x 630mm

Name Code
Drinker  Ø 200          art: 2223       
DELIVERY: 10 pieces in box

Drinker with bottle thread

Capacity: depends on the bottle
Tray diemeter: 200mm
Height: 60mm
Weight: 130gr
Package weight: 1,3 kg
Package dimensions: 200mm x 555mm

Name Code
Drinker with bottle thread         art: 2224       
DELIVERY: 10 pieces in box